Helping Poor Children: Children of today are the citizens of tomorrow.  The nation depends on tomorrow's citizens for building our nation.  Every children has the right to have good food, health and clothing.  It forms the basic duty of any privileged citizen of the country to help the unprivileged citizen of tomorrow. Though Government of India and State Governments are spending crores of rupees for children education, half of them are getting evaporated by the corrupted politicians and bureaucrats and hence the governments efforts are not giving the best results.  Instead of pointing figures and blaming government, HU2H decided to pick up few unprivileged children for this noble cause and provide them with basic needs so that they can come in the mainstream.


There are many organizations for helping poor children and HU2H would like to be another genuine organization that will help them with different type of needs like providing Blankets, Stationary, clothing and so on by working closely with other NGOs in the state of Andhra Pradesh to start with. 


Continuation of higher schooling:


There are so many bright students in the society but they don't have sufficient money for continuing their studies.  As a result many of the children are dropping their education when they complete their primary education.  We would like to extend our hands to help them so that they can continue their studies. The help could be by paying their yearly fees and creating awareness about the higher schooling and benefits of continuing their education.  Initially, few students will be selectively picked up who have left their school due to financial or other problems.


Donate Books: We would like to talk to different schools and parents of the children of each school to share their books to our organization so that they can be used by the students who cannot afford to buy them.


Donate Clothes:  These are the days where we do shopping almost every month or every alternate month.  Most of the times the clothes are not usable by our children as they become short due to fast growth of the children. We would like to collect the clothes which are not being used by our children but are still good to wear.  This will help the poor children not spend money on their clothes but rather use them for eduation or health on emergencies.


Donating Computers: Computer have become an essential commodity in our day to day life. We hardly find a house that does not have a computer in their house (atlease middle and upper middle classes of the society).  These computers life are short in the fast moving technology world. To our changing needs these computers become obsolete after 4-5 years. However, for poor children owning a computer is day dream.  We can help the poor children by donating our old computers as this will be useful for them to get atleast some awareness about the computers and its usage. Please do not exchange the for monetary benefit but donate them to NGOs like us so that they are better used by the poor children.


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