About Meradosth Welfare Society (MDWS):

Meradosth Welfare society is a non-profit, voluntary organization, founded in 2012 to serve the people in need in different ways. This organization is not founded with any funds from any corporates nor government support but with the funds that are saved from the monthly salaries of few like minded people with sincere intention of helping the deprived section of the society.

MDWS has started supporting few selected people with their limited means for providing food, health and basic education, who are living below the poverty line in the society. With your help, we can continue to help poor children grow up healthy, educated and living near to normal lives. MDWS would like to approach all the people who are willing to do the service to the society but unable to do so due to their busy schedule and their own commitments.

MDWS sincerely welcomes all those people to be part of this great service and enjoy the satifaction of giving to the needy. Our objective is not only to just do the service of giving to the society but also to educate to the future citizens about the importance of giving to the society so that not just MDWS but many more organizations will come up in the future to help the needy. As an organization we will have our limitation to do the service but when we educate and make other organizations come into similar service our objective will be achieved indirectly by us, if not directly.

MDWS is currently concentrating on the below major activities:

1. I am Not a Doctor - But I can save Lives

2. Help Us 2 help

We would like to share few words about our two current projects:

1. I am not doctor -IND (iamnotdoctor.org):

I am not doctor but I can save lives is one of the major project of the MDWS. The main aim of this initiative is to organize donation of blood to people who are suffering with lack of blood, especially to those who are met with accidents and undergoing major surgeries. IND will not involve in supplying any blood but will actively involve in educating the people of our country about the importance of donating blood and how they can give life to the people who are in badly need of the same. Most of the people carry fear to donate blood and IND would like clear off those fears and make many more people aware of the advantages of blood donation

2. HelpUs2Help (Help us to help more): HU2H is the wing of MDWS which is focussing on the below activities:

1. Old Clothes: We collect old clothes, repair them and distribute it to the poor people.

2. Old Books: We collect old books and distribute it among the poor students.

3. Support to Orphanages: There are so many orphanages adopting poor children and taking care of their education and well being. H2H will not setup any orphanages but help this orphanages so that they concentrate on identifying more orphans and give them a good life. H2H will purchase Stationery, text books etc. and distribute among the Orphanages so that the children of the orphanages are benefitted by this.

4. Sponsor a Child: Sponsoring a child is the one of the toughest tasks. We will identify few of the poor children who are good at academics but lack funds to continue further education H2H will adopt such selected children will assign them to a Sponsor who is willing to take care of the education of such children. This way we will become a platform where Sponsors can come forward to Sponsor good students who are poor and cannot afford for higher education.With the above projects, we are making our first step forward towards healthy India and Wealthy India.

Sarvey Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu.

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